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Teds Woodworking – A Successful Home Business Review

One of the successful products and great online businesses is Ted’s Woodworking course. It made Ted especially rich, but the best part is that it made his customers very happy with the purchase. Having a tiny return rate, being so greatly talked of, this course got our attention and we thought that the best thing to do was to review it.

Like many others, I got the woodworking bug, and went out and purchased Ted’s Woodworking Package. I was overall happy I did, but I do have some criticisms of this set of woodworking plans, which I detail below. What follows are my personal observations of this package. Read more »

8 Home-Based Business Ideas That Work For Newbies

Home-Based-Business-1When planning to start your journey into the entrepreneurial life, don`t just dive head in into new projects, especially when you don`t have enough money or experience do to it. Of course, the majority of the new online marketers think too big, and start with a business model that is doomed to failure right from the start. Of course, there are home based business ideas that could bring you a lot of money in the long run and won’t require a lot of money or experience to handle them. Why not start with those ?

We’ve asked some of the best marketers in the field about what business plans work best for people that don’t have a lot of experience with online marketing and here are their best answers: Read more »

Steady Progress As Windows Phone Reaches Double Digit Market Share In The UK

Windows PhoneCatching up with the latest data from the Kantar Worldpanel on smartphone sales for the three months to September 2013 shows Windows Phone gaining marketshare in a number of key territories. It has now broken through the 10% barrier in Italy (13.7%), France (10.7%), and for the first time the United Kingdom (11.4%).
Are these numbers the sort of growth Microsoft hoped for when Windows Phone was announced, or even the Windows Phone 8 update that was launched in October 2012? It’s hard to be sure, as their goal was always couched in terms of being the third mobile ecosystem, rather than a number that could be used against them at a later date, but it is growth, and it continues to show an upward trend. Read more »

What are Binary Options

trading binary optionsWhen thinking about going into the online money making business, you’ll most certainly hear or read about binary options. And to be honest, nowadays, who does not need extra income to supplement one’s salary with minimal effort, especially after a long and hard day’s work? After the collapse of th real estate market and the well known global crisis more and more people are thinking about the possibility of making money with Forex. Some are scared by the knowledge gap that stands between them and the pros in the field, but for the few others others this will turn out to be the change of their lives. Read more »

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Startup Business Forms

Welcome to Entrepreneurials.org collection of free business forms, letters, and templates for small and home-based businesses. While there are currently numerous sites online offering “thousands” of printable business documents and templates that are free to download, I have found that most of these offerings are poor in quality or are unsuitable to the needs of either small and home-based companies or the self-employed.

We’ve hand picked and adapted all of these forms, templates, and sample business letters to specifically suit the needs of small and home businesses. Most of these documents are from our own growing personal collection of files that we have used over the years as our business paperwork. Read more »

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How I Started my Small Business

Starting a small business online can seem tough. It may seem a big challenge to any normal guy.  Articles and tutorials online try to make it look easy, but.. the truth of the matter is that starting any business from scratch will be at least very time consuming if not challenging. I can tell you that from experience, starting to build a small business online was a big step to make. I was many, many years ago and although it has been the biggest leap out of my comfort zone, it has proven out to be the best decision I`ve ever made. Read more »


Leadership & Management Templates

You can’t be a great manager without great paperwork. You can’t be an expert at paperwork without some really great templates, ready for use, created by great attorneys. Here are some of the templates you’ll need when taking the role of the leader or the manager of a business. These templates, although are great, should be shown to an attorney within your state, just to be sure that they cover all of the requirements of the laws that will affect you. Everything can be edited and modified at will. Read more »

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